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(HUMAN RIGHTS) Govt. Regd. 44/2014

Founder of All India President Mr. C. S. Arul Murugan

Some information about the president:

In Cuddalore district, Panruti Circle, Subramanian – Dhanalakshmi born on 21-11-1976 as eldest son and have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. He has born in very simple family and his parents were worked as agricultural wage and made their children to get education. He completed his entire schooling in Tamil language at government school. From his childhood he was keen that law should be equal to everyone. To develop humanity, people who lack education will have to be aware of the law. Even though with his own initiative, he tried to bring social revolution for protecting people’s rights he has joined with his friends and traveled across various level such as youth welfare council, politics. But he couldn’t do it. So he attempted an idea of starting his own social organization. Even though there arose so much conflicts, with his full pledged effort he started and registered All India People Right Protection Organization. With this he also earned his president post for the same.

Record and its intentions of All India People Right Protection Organization:

Registration Act (Division) 16 of the Regulations 1978 as per the Registration of this Registration Act 44/2014 the registration office is at Cuddalore District in Panruti and the head office is at New Delhi, state leadership office is at Chennai, and state & district level office all over India. The offices are functioning with officers were appointed at various state, district, corporation, and town level.

1.The rights of the people living in the democratic country should not be affected by their own human rights and public rights, and it should be served for the welfare of the people.

2.Everyone born as an Indian citizen will be educated by the Central and Public Private Sector for free educationand also forbid the violation of rightsand also in order to get all concession from the government, to get justice from law of court and to get government documentsfor example (Ration cards, birth certificate, voter identity card and all other documents that are issued by government etc.,.) For all citizen equally.

3.In education sector, it helps every students from school to higher education such as Business management, Medical, Engineering, research and other such studies in getting scholarship and concession from the government

4.It helps Schedule castes and tribes to get the offers and benefits given by the central government sector for their economic welfare.

5.When the police officers undergo illegal activities, the organization helps in filing the case against them.

6.t helps poor students by following government rules and regulation to get education loan

7.Self-help group is started to solve the financial issues that arise due to debt problems. It has involved in creating the self-help group for Male, female, transgender and physically challenged people and also aids functioning of it with the help of government and private sector.

8.For the welfare of the society, with humanity and social service, it help the poor peoples, old age people, children’s, students, physicallychallenged persons, widows, women transgender.

9.To get better education for the children’s from poor family, it explains the need of the education among the village peoples. It takes care of the growth and welfare of the needy children’s and students and also motivates the talented students by honouring them with writing equipment’s, sports Equipment’s. And also it adapts the children’s, old age homes, orphanage homes, and turn the people against non-terrorist activities.

10.The medical activates such as setting free health camp for people, and insist on eye donation, blood donation, organ donation; AIDS awareness programs, and also hygiene of the nation. It helps the affected areas that are caused by Accident, flood, fire accidents, tsunami, storms, earthquakes and other naturaldisasters and supply food products, give them place and dresses.

11.Make students to plant the trees for welfare of the nation and guides all the social problems of the nation. Women’s welfare development, community renaissance, eradicate untouchability, drugs and smoking and also bring awareness among the people to ban those

12.Fighting for Consumer rights, and against corruption. And also contribute in being awareness among the people for voting at 100%rate.

Develop humanity,Protect humanity,Respect other living beings same as his,Not to hurt other,living beings,Develop serving habit,To understand the importance of organ donation.

This is the mantra

All India, State, District, City, Municipality, Sector, Town branch and group. Youth team, women’s team, people welfare team, lawyer team, doctor team, student team, workers team, business team, agriculture team, Consumer team, Investigation team, physically handicapped team, technology team, transgender team, awareness team, likewise more teams are in act.

  1. He must be the citizen of India
  2. He should not bribe
  3. He should have social responsibility and do social activities with good character
  4. He should be out of Civil or criminal cases
  5. He should renew the proof yearly
  6. He should obey the party’s rules

If you want to join in the party complete the application given below and send us

We will issue the ID card within10 days after getting the application. Party’s

Contact: +91 6380745280

If want to lead the team contact the head office

Email Id: aipropo44@gmail.com

Future plan:

Depending party, starting “People’s petition monthly paper and AIPRPO NEWS TV “these twoare for creating awareness for the people. Opening party’s branch all over India and giving back the rights of the people and care them. So, volunteer, social person, women and graduates are requested to join in the party, and On behalf of organization monthly magazine, AIPRPO NEWS TV were started to bring awareness about people petitions among the peoples. In order to save peoples right’s and to protect it, the organization was established all over India. So, we request women’s, literate candidates, volunteers, social welfare thinkers to join the organization and contribute in bringing the people right’s for them.

Thanking you.