How you can help

HUMAN RIGHTS doesn’t just reveal the outrage of human rights abuse but inspires hope for a better world through public action and international solidarity.

We help stop human rights abuses by mobilizing our members and supporters to put pressure on governments, armed groups, companies and intergovernmental bodies

There are many ways you can help us, including making a donation, joining HUMAN RIGHTS PROTECTION MISSION and taking action.

Donate to Human Rights Protection Cell

Through HUMAN RIGHTS, the key to development Human Rights Awareness and Protection, we work to create a world where dignity is guaranteed for all people. We work to assure that everyone has the right to Legal Education Awareness and Human Rights Protection , especially children and women, the future of our humanity. Human rights are the basic rights of each individual in any part of the globe irrespective of cast, creed, sex, age, colour, status. It encompasses all social economic political, cultural anti-elements based on law of nature with the aim of ensuring justice, freedom and equality viz. individual and collective existence.

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Join Human Rights Protection Mission

Join Amnesty International and help us build pressure for change – your contribution will make the world of difference.